We have all heard about autonomous cars. Elon Musk, Uber, and a host of other individuals and organizations have been working on them for years. Also, we have autonomous big-rigs. Then, of course, there are the autonomous buses (no, seriously).

Now, we have a new kind of driverless transport... a farm tractor.

At Iowa’s Farm Progress Show earlier this week, Case IH showed off some remarkable tech. It's tech that they assert will, one day, culminate in a fleet of driverless tractors. Notably, this gear isn't meant to be completely autonomous. Rather, it is actually a remote controlled tractor.

At this stage, it is still just a prototype, and it is known as the Case IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle. Check it out in the video below:

Rather than hopping in and cruising across fields, individuals will be able to control the machine with an app. And honestly, what could possibly go wrong with driving a multi-ton piece of equipment while you are on the opposite side of the field? But of course, a host of testing will be done before the tractors go online, and safety standards will need to be met (so there's probably no reason to worry...probably).

The team asserts that the tractor can plant crops and gather real-time data on how the crops are doing. It can also harvest.

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