That's Fast

In the early days of electric cars, critics mocked their speed, and they gained a bit of a reputation as gas-powered cars' slower, less powerful counterparts. While that may have been true in the past, it is certainly no longer the case.

Between Tesla's lineup of everything from compact cars to semi trucksNissan's futuristic sports car, and high-luxury brands like Porsche and Jaguar's electric model releases, electric cars are now undeniably fast, efficient, and on the cutting edge of transportation technology.

This fact is more apparent than ever thanks to the Nio EP9. Currently the fastest electric car on the market, the vehicle can reach speeds up to about 312 km/h (194 mph). Recently, the car officially cemented itself as the fastest model with a record-breaking lap around the Nürburgring track. It finished the lap with a time of 6:45:9, beating its own 2016 record of 7:05:12.

The Future of Travel

Now, while the Nio EP9 is impressive, it's probably not the most sensible vehicle for most drivers. The company is planning to produce only 10 EP9s each costing $1.48 million. But that doesn't mean high-speed electric travel is out of the question for the average consumer. Electric cars have already come a long way, and as more and more companies make the shift to producing electric models, the variety and capabilities of the vehicles will only continue to improve.

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It is an unfortunate but irrefutable fact that climate change is only going to worsen if we keep living the way that we do. We, as a species, are simply relying too heavily on fossil fuels and producing too many greenhouse gasses, and both we and the planet will continue to suffer more and more as a result. From extreme weather patterns to natural disasters and unprecedented extinction rates, we are already feeling the effects.

And so, while switching to electric might not seem like that big of a deal, if we all made small (or large) changes to our daily lives in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we might have a real shot at combating climate change in a meaningful way.

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