Can we get a "W" in the chat?

Bachelor Pad

Elon Musk has whited out the "W" on the Twitter HQ sign in San Francisco — and his landlord, apparently, isn't exactly thrilled.

After initially pulling a stunt at the end of last week in which he appeared to have the "W" taped up, resulting in the sign reading "Titter," Musk has since doubled down after receiving an apparent warning about the signage.

"Our landlord at SF HQ says we’re legally required to keep sign as Twitter & cannot remove 'w', so we painted it background color," he tweeted. "Problem solved!"

Very maturely, the multi-hyphenate CEO then added that the royal "they" had "tried to muffle our titter."

Squat House

If Twitter's landlord did indeed issue an angry warning, it would likely be due to the bad blood already brewing. The company that owns the social network's San Francisco headquarters sued Musk back in January for allegedly not paying the building's whopping $3.4 million rent.

Interestingly, another of Twitter's landlords ended up defaulting on its own loans in late February after the company failed to make a $136,250 rent payment on another of its San Francisco offices.

While it's unclear exactly why Musk has missed Twitter rent payments or how long it's been going on, these aren't the first murmurs we've heard of, shall we say, domestic issues at the social network's SF offices.

Case in point: at the very beginning of the year, we learned that Musk canceled the company's janitorial contracts to save money (or, perhaps, because its union went on strike in December), which left the building smelling terrible.

It's been clear for years that Musk has a curious relationship with contractual obligations, and giving the finger to his landlord in such a public way is just another escalation on his part that — unfortunately — he'll probably get away with.

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