They say they're going to be studying active camouflage, beamed energy propulsion, and... time travel?

Alien Allies

In late September, alien and UFO research group To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA) confirmed in a New York Times Q&A that it had obtained "exotic material samples from UFOs."

At the time, a member of the Tom DeLonge-founded organization told the NYT that it was looking for partners to help it thoroughly analyze the samples — and now, the UFO research group claims it's partnered with the U.S. Army.


On Thursday, TTSA announced that it had signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. Army's Combat Capabilities Development Command. That means the Army will provide TTSA with the "laboratories, expertise, support, and resources" it needs to further its research.

As for how the Army could benefit from the partnership: according to the announcement, TTSA will provide "technology solutions" related to "space-time metric engineering, quantum physics, beamed energy propulsion, and active camouflage." The goal: to "enhance survivability and effectiveness of multiple Army systems."

Futuristic Finds

Whether the partnership pans out or not, the existence does raise questions about whether TTSA might actually have some alien tech — and whether the U.S. military wants to get its hands on it.

"Our partnership with TTSA serves as an exciting, non-traditional source for novel materials and transformational technologies to enhance our military ground system capabilities," Joseph Cannon of U.S. Army Futures Command said in the announcement. "At the Army's Ground Vehicle Systems Center, we look forward to this partnership and the potential technical innovations forthcoming."

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