It's darker than Vantablack — like staring into a black hole.

Blacked Out

A new YouTube video shows a car painted with such an extreme shade of black that the vehicle looks more like a silhouette than an actual object.

Car paint experts at DipYourCar painted a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with an acrylic paint called Musou Black, which Jalopnik notes can absorb 99.4 percent of the light that hits it. The result is an almost perfectly pitch-black vehicle — even darker than Vantablack — that feels like it shouldn't exist.

Failed To Render

At the point in the video where the car actually drives through a parking lot, it looks more like the void where a car should be instead of a physical object. It's just the windows, lights, and wheels that ruin the illusion.

We're clearly looking at something, but the lack of any reflections on the surface almost makes the car look like a two-dimensional sheet, even as it passes the camera by.

Safety First

Painting a vehicle to look nearly imperceptible is, needless to say, not the best idea when it comes to avoiding car crashes. According to Jalopnik, Musou Black is supposed to be used for painting figurines or works of art, not entire vehicles.

But even if it’s not the most practical stunt, the extreme appearance of the end result is enough to leave us scratching our heads and wondering what else could be blacked out in its entirety.

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