And he thinks the drone might use "a toxic poison" to kill its target.

Death From Above

To read Australian author and speaker Richard Hames' website, you'd think he's one of the most celebrated futurists of his generation, having accurately predicted everything from 9/11 to the success of Tesla.

Sources backing up those assertions, however, aren't quite so easy to come by online.

Still, Hames' sketchy credentials weren't enough to discourage popular Australian site from publishing a veritable laundry list of his latest predictions — including his belief that we're overdue for a drone assassination.

Counting Down

Hames reportedly told that he expects someone to use an autonomous drone to assassinate a popular world leader within the next three years — in fact, he's "surprised it hasn’t happened already."

Indeed, the world has already seen its first attempted assassination via drone — in August 2018, terrorists tried to kill Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro using two explosive-carrying drones.

Poison Delivery Drones

As for where Hames thinks this upcoming drone assassination could go down, he told that "the Middle East is just ripe for such an event."

He even thinks he knows what the cause of death might be, noting that he's not ruling out the potential for a drone to "deliver a toxic poison" — a strange weapon of choice given all the gun-toting drones we've been hearing about lately, but if you’re trying to make a name for yourself as the next Nostradamus, you can’t exactly predict the obvious.

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