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Here’s What It Would Be Like to Drive on Different Planets

byJon Christian
4. 6. 20
The Action Lab

This simulation also shows what it'd be like to drive on the surface of the Sun.

Learner’s Permit

YouTube science channel The Action Lab had a fun idea: use the physics-heavy driving simulator to show what it would be like to drive on various heavenly bodies.

Here’s the Earth, for a baseline:

Moon Bounce

And here’s the simulation with gravity set to that of the Moon, making it difficult to even get traction:

Jupiter Descending

Then the YouTubers went hard by flipping on Jupiter’s gravity, which immediately crushed their simulated truck into the ground:


Sun Ra

Things go completely off the rails when they set the gravity to that of the Sun, instantly crushing the test vehicle:

They also try a bunch of other parameters, including lifting the truck up and then dropping it with various gravity settings. The whole thing is worth a watch!

More on gravity: We May Finally Understand the Speed of Gravity

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