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Robodog Replaces Cheerleaders in College’s Touchdown Celebration

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Ghost Robotics via YouTube

Step Aside

If you watch college football, you know that the cheerleaders for some universities do a push-up for every point their team scores.

But this football season, Virginia Tech has given that old college tradition a futuristic twist — by enlisting a robodog to do the push-ups instead of the school’s cheerleaders.

A Dog’s Life

Philadelphia based-robotics company Ghost Robotics built the robodog, which is carried into the end zone every time the Virginia Tech Hokies score during a game.

Then, a PhD student in the school’s engineering program uses a remote to instruct the bot to lift itself up and down in something kinda, sorta like a push-up.

Friendly Creature

The purpose of the robodog is to draw attention to Virginia Tech’s engineering program, according to a Washington Post story, and Kaveh Akbari Hamed, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the school, is encouraged by the public’s response to the robot canine so far.

“When I see that people like it — it’s a friendly creature for society, and it is going to assist people, not replace anyone — it is a very nice moment,” he told the Washington Post. “If society likes these kind of things, let’s work harder and make it better and better.”

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