SpotMini might trade in the dance floor for the battle arena.

Battle Bots

On Tuesday, Amazon kicked off re:MARS — a four-day conference focused on robotics, machine learning, automation, and space — and one of the first speakers to take the stage was Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert.

While the highlight (or perhaps lowlight) of his presentation may have been the moment one of the company's SpotMini robot dogs went haywire, Raibert still expects great things for the bot's future — including a career fighting other robots for our entertainment.

Fighting Words

According to a newly published Quartz story, Raibert thinks people might use SpotMinis as fighting avatars in a “network game with physical actors."

He also played a video for the audience in which four SpotMinis knocked around a blue ball, perhaps signaling their potential use in a less combative sport.

Will Work for Battery Power

Whether SpotMinis turn out to be the gladiators of the twenty-first century or not, the bots are well on their way to finding work in construction — several Japanese construction companies are already testing the ability to the robot dogs to oversee worksite progress, Raibert told The Verge at re:MARS.

"There’s a remarkable number of construction companies we’re talking to," he added. "But we have some other applications that are very promising — [including] in hostile environments where the cost of having people there is high."

Like the battle arena, perhaps?

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