SpotMini gon' give it to you.

Don't Believe Me?

The last time we saw Boston Dynamics's dog-like robot SpotMini, it was on the job, prancing around a construction site to demonstrate its surveying skills.

But all work and no play makes SpotMini a dull bot. Sometimes, a robodog just wants to dance.

Just Watch

On Tuesday, Boston Dynamics release a video of SpotMini dancing to Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk."

In the clip, the bot demonstrates a bevy of surprising slick moves. It twerks. It moonwalks. It suggestively gyrates its robot hips while seemingly staring directly into your soul.

Clearly, if things don't work out in the construction industry, SpotMini could always pursue a career as a backup dancer. And that's great because even a robodog needs to have options.

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