If even half of this suit's claims are true, this company majorly effed up.

See You In Court

The only thing beastly about the MrBeast's burgers is, apparently, the allegedly "raw" meat that comprises them — and now, the YouTube personality is suing a ghost kitchen company over it.

As Bloomberg reports, James Donaldson, the 25-year-old mega-influencer known as MrBeast, is suing the Florida-based Virtual Dining Concepts for allegedly caring more about profits than food quality.

A copy of the complaint, which was filed in the Southern District of New York, alleges that "MrBeast has not received a dime" from the deal, and that the quality of the burgers is so low that it's harming his reputation.

Social media reviews posted between late 2020 and September 2022 do corroborate that MrBeast Burger had some very unhappy customers, with the suit highlighting complaints that the burgers were "revolting" and "inedible."

"MrBeast is being [canceled] over burgers," griped one unhappy diner in the suit, with another complaining that they'd "never had something so nasty."


Beast You Could Do

Donaldson launched the MrBeast Burger brand with a splash last year, with a partner gushing that he'd "created something truly wholesome and wonderful at the same time."

Now times have changed, with the suit alleging that Virtual Dining Concepts — which, again, allegedly has not paid MrBeast the royalties he's owed for lending his name and likeness to the venture — expanded into multiple foreign markets without Donaldson's "authorization, consent, or even knowledge."

"Virtual Dining Concepts was more focused on rapidly expanding the business as a way to pitch the virtual restaurant model to other celebrities for its own benefit," the complaint reads.

While this is far from the first time an influencer has been embroiled in a branding lawsuit, the situation is striking because of its massive scope and the sheer prominence of MrBeast.

At the end of the day? Another cautionary tale that something won't be good just because it's got a buzzy entity's name slapped on it. Maybe AI startups should take note.

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