"That would be really nice."

Would Be Cool

Jimmy "Mr. Beast" Donaldson, the youth-beloved YouTuber behind videos like "I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive" and "I Ate $100,000 Golden Ice Cream," proclaims in his Twitter bio that he wants to "make the world a better place before he dies."

A noble goal. Fortunately, he may end up having plenty of time to pull it off, since he thinks he'll probably live for several hundred years. Or at the very least, until 130.

"I kind of hope that someone like Elon, or one of these freaky smart people, would just be like, you know, screw it," the YouTuber pondered on Elon Musk reply guy Lex Fridman's podcast. "Get it where we could be two to three hundred years old... and just kind of save us... that would be really nice."

"It's almost absurd to think that in our lifetime, they won't figure out a way to even slightly slow down aging, where we could live to be like 120 or 130," he continued, "and then in that extra time figure out a way that we could live to be 200."

Life Guy

Of course, Donaldson isn't the only extremely rich person who thinks a good 80 or so years is cutting it a lil' short. (Although we wouldn't suggest that the the YouTube philanthropist turn to Musk to "save" him from his own mortality  — the SpaceX founder is notably opposed to immortality tech.)

From Jeff Bezos' anti-death longevity startup to the allegedly vampiric Peter Thiel, a number of the tech industry's top players are or have been rumored to be chasing life-extension breakthroughs. And billionaires aside, when you zoom out on Silicon Valley, the anti-aging practices of "biohacking" are deeply woven into the tech industry — surely a less on-the-nose anti-aging practice than, say, pouring millions into supposedly cell-rejuvenating, death-defying technologies, but a lite version of the billionaire trend to say the least.

That said, if our empire was built on high-dollar pranks consumed mostly by young people, we'd also want to postpone the aging process. Once you hit 40, YouTube stunts just don't hit the same.

In any case, we'd probably recommend that anyone looking to live to 130 and beyond consume MrBeast Burgers in relative moderation.

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