Good job, Junior!

Feline-Person View

Jake Watson, producer at the popular YouTube channel Corridor Crew, moved to a Texas farm earlier this year, where he inherited a number of farmyard animals including a cat named Junior.

Watson figured out a way to get the kitty's first-person perspective, by attaching a newly-released action camera called the Insta360 Go 2 to his collar.

And the resulting footage, as seen in a video uploaded over the weekend, is truly epic. Junior takes the chewing gum pack-sized camera for a big tour around the farm — and even discovers a rat hiding in Watson's barn.

Worthy Hunter

By watching the footage, Watson was able to figure out where Junior likes to spend most of his time — napping in a shady tree near the chicken coop.

"He was also getting into the chicken coop, I had some concerns about that, you know, maybe he was going to eat the eggs or mess with the chickens," Watson said in the video, "but no they they seem to get along just fine."

It didn't take long, however, for Junior to spot a rat lurking around Watson's barn. Unfortunately for the new farm owner, the cat didn't seem awfully interested in doing anything about the infestation.

But later, Junior got lucky without having to get his paws dirty, spotting an already dead rat in the grass away from Watson's property. After giving it a careful sniff, the cat ran back to the barn to alert his new human owner.

"It seems Junior found a rat but ultimately didn't do anything about it," Watson said. "Maybe he's not as good of a mouse hunter as he should be."

Luckily, Watson's dog Abby, who he later equipped with the tiny action camera as well, was a bit more willing to help out, picking up the dead rat and appearing to bury it in some dirt.

But that wasn't Abby's biggest catch. The dog later stumbled upon something a little more concerning: remains of what appears to be a "deer leg."

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