His little paws!!


There's nothing the internet loves more than cat videos — but what about videos filmed from a cat's perspective?

While strapping an action cam to one's pet isn't exactly a new concept, technological improvements mean that they're now small enough not to disturb the famously-irritable feline. Using one of these sleek next-gen cameras, the editor-in-chief of the consumer tech blog Tom's Guide got some incredible footage of his indoor-outdoor cat's antics.

Inspired by a late March New York Times story about cat owners who let their furry companies film their own adventures, Tom's Guide EIC Mike Prospero decided to strap an Insta360 Go 2 camera, which is "smaller than [his] thumb," to his cat Mervin.

"The cats in the other videos I've seen have a pretty active social life, chirping and purring near other cats and frolicking around their yard," he wrote. "Does my cat have a similar joie de vivre? I was about to find out."


Instead, Prospero noted, he mostly saw "a whole lot of sitting around," because Mervin, as it turns out, is "every bit as lazy" as he suspected.

There was one interlude in the footage, however, that was pretty awesome: when the cat jumped up into a tree before climbing over his yard's fence, pausing to chirp adorably at birds — which, lest we forget, is a thing cats do when they want to kill our avian friends — in the process.

While the result isn't exactly action-packed, it does offer some adorable footage of Mervin stepping delicately on his perfect little paws.

Prospero wrote that he plans to "send [Mervin] out again a few times with the camera to see if I manage to capture anything else of interest." Fingers crossed we get a little less naptime this time around.

All the same, it is pretty amazing to see a cat jump into and off of a tree from behind their luxurious paws and whiskers. Just spitballing here, but this concept could inform some pretty awesome VR games, too.

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