"No f***ing way."

Summon 41

A particularly resourceful Tesla owner used the company's "Smart Summon" feature to retrieve his Model 3 from a parking garage that had already closed for the night, leaving him stranded outside.

The feature lets owners direct their cars to drive to their location, pulling their vehicles out of tight parking spots or retrieve them in lots.

But as Vancouver-based Tesla owner Jacky Heshi demonstrates, the remote control feature may have plenty of other use cases as well.

In videos uploaded to X-formerly-Twitter, Heshi even showed off footage taken by the car's many onboard cameras.

"No fucking way," Heshi's friend exclaimed in disbelief, right before the Model 3 triggers the parking garage's gate sensor from the inside, allowing Heshi to regain access to his car.

Actually Smart

Unsurprisingly, Tesla's Smart Summon feature caused a lot of mayhem when it was first introduced in 2019. Fans attempted to run themselves over with their own Teslas, vehicles kept crashing into stationary cars, scraped by garage doors, or drove into poles in parking structures.

Last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced what he called "Actually Smart Summon," or ASS for short, which — perhaps unsurprisingly — never materialized.

However, much-improved iterations of the feature that pair much better with the company's infamous "Full Self-Driving" software started being pushed to Tesla owners.

Videos shared back in June show a more robust Smart Summon experience, with cars more confidently backing out of spots and navigating parking lots. At the time, Musk promised that ASS will be released "a month or two" after the company's release of "actually smart auto wiper software."

But as always, Musk should never be taken by his word. We've yet to hear of an actual rollout of the feature four months after the release of the promised smart wiper software, which lets users control their wipers from the steering wheel — basic car functionality that has seemingly been absent from Teslas until now.

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