It's like a face mask for your entire torso.

Personal Quarantine

A US businessman named Rick Pescovitz wore a personal, transparent tent in the window seat of a commercial airliner.

Pescovitz — the brother of BoingBoing's David Pescowicz, who blogged about the ordeal — says he was reportedly to avoid contracting the deadly coronavirus that's been claiming the lives of hundreds of people around the world.

Under the Weather

But it was mostly a publicity stunt. Pescovitz is the CEO of StadiumPod, a company that makes tiny tents called "Under the Weather Pods" for sports spectators — and proud soccer moms and dads — who want to stay dry while it rains. Pescovitz even went on Shark Tank to pitch the idea.

Sounds like Pescovitz has decided to reframe his tents as personal quarantine zones. According to BoingBoing — remember, this is the dude's brother writing — "the flight attendant happily took his photo" and the man sitting next to Pescovitz "didn't even bat an eye."

Stay Safe

It's unclear how effective the tent actually would be at fending off a virus — and if Pescovitz said yes to a cup of coffee.

If you don't want to shell out for your own personal tent, experts advise to treat the coronavirus much like the common flu: wash hands regularly and be wary of touching possibly contaminated surfaces.

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