"THIS IS a clear design and engineering error!"


Tesla's Cybertruck is really struggling to keep it together.

The brutalist pickup, once CEO Elon Musk's much-beloved pet project, has been mired in problems since finally going on sale late last year, from a major recall caused by a disastrous issue involving the accelerator pedal to being defeated by small hills and even a trip to the car wash.

Now, one owner has reportedly had the entire assembly of his truck's gear shifter come crashing down, causing the truck's visors, which are also attached to the assembly, to be ripped off as well.

For reasons we can't explain, Tesla chose to mount the gear shifter to the vehicle's monstrous windshield, requiring drivers to switch drive modes via a touchscreen suspended above their heads.

"THIS IS a clear design and engineering error!" former Tesla engineer Cristina Balan tweeted. "The issue with this design is the fact that the visors are one of the most used part in a car that takes the most amount of force!"

"This will ALWAYS be a problem if they don’t change the design!" she added. "This is bad."

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According to Balan, the owner had to bring in his Cybertruck for a windshield replacement — and to have the cover of his accelerator pedal riveted down to make sure it wouldn't get stuck at full throttle (last week, the carmaker had to recall every single Cybertruck over the issue).

It's a glaring design flaw that's "unrelated with the engineering design issues I’m seeing here," Balan argued.

"This whole center console need to be redesign completely and especially the attachment point," she wrote in a followup tweet.

It's yet another sign that the Cybertruck was rushed to market and poorly put together — even by Tesla's standards. The company made some big bets when it comes to the choice of materials, overall design, and set of features — which are seemingly backfiring.

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