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Little Caesars Adds Impossible Foods’ Meatless Sausage to Menu

byKristin Houser
5. 20. 19
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The food startup is rolling out its second product.

Pizza Pizza

Impossible Foods’ meatless burgers are already cropping up on menus across the nation. Now, the company has announced its second product — meatless sausage — as well as the fast food partner helping test it out: Little Caesars.

On Monday, the pizza chain announced plans to begin offering a pizza topped with Impossible Foods’ meatless sausage in Florida, New Mexico, and Washington state — yet another sign plant-based meat may be breaking through to the mainstream.

Sausage Party

According to Ed Gleich, Little Caesars’ chief innovation officer, the company has been working with Impossible on the development of a new menu item since October.

Initially, the plan was to create a pizza featuring Impossible’s fake beef, but when Little Caesars told the company its customers preferred sausage to ground beef, the food startup responded by creating an entirely new product: Impossible Sausage.


“Normally companies want to sell you the product they have,” Gleich told CNN Business, “not a product they’ve got to get out and put some R&D time in, and put resources against and develop.”

Starting Small

Little Caesars plans to test the Impossible Supreme pizza in the three states for about four weeks.

If those tests go as well as Burger King’s limited trials of the Impossible Whopper, it might not be long before the budget pizza chain follows in BK’s footsteps and rolls the fake-meat offering out nationwide.

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