It wants to map out the planet's entire surface.

Hey Neighbor

The Indian Space Research Organization wants to launch a mission to Venus.

The ultimate goal is to use an orbiter to map the entire planet, as well as to scan and figure out what's going on beneath the surface, according to If the mission takes off, it could help give scientists a much better understanding of our planetary neighbor — including information about how its bizarre atmosphere behaves.

Closer Look

The space agency is currently awaiting the green light for the mission. If all goes to plan, it may launch as soon as 2023, reports.

Once it arrives, the orbiter would be able to create a map of Venus is just about a year, while also using scientific instruments to study the planet's atmosphere, volcanic activity, and intense lightning storms.

India's space program suffered a setback when its Moon lander crashed in September. But because the Venus mission wouldn't involve actually touching down on the surface, it may have a brighter future.

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