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California Love

The custody fight between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and ex-girlfriend Claire "Grimes" Boucher is heating up as the dueling Canadians duke it out over whether or not the latter lives in Texas.

According to court filings viewed by Business Insider, Musk has cited several of Boucher's tweets in his case against the electronic artist for custody of their three children, X, Exa, and Tau.

For a few months now, the pair has been fighting over legal jurisdiction, with Grimes insisting she and the children have called California home since the beginning of 2023 while her billionaire ex claims that the case should take place in Texas.

For each party, these jurisdictional choices make sense: California implements much higher child support payments, whereas in Texas, Musk's payments for all three kids would be capped out at just $2,670 per month, which isn't even a drop in the bucket for the world's sometimes-richest man.

Very little love has seemingly been lost between the two following their four-year relationship. Musk's latest legal play to have the case decided in Texas is a doozy, and if the judges in this complicated mess rule in his favor, Boucher may be SOL.

Everything's Bigger

The owner of the social network formerly known as Twitter — which just so happens to share a name with his and Boucher's eldest child — pointed to two tweets from April and May of this year suggesting that the singer wasn't a California resident for part of the year.

In one post from April, Grimes addressed her audience in Austin and asked where the best place to donate clothes in the area was because, as she put it in her post, she was "moving houses." In his own filing, Musk alleges that the singer was moving in with him when she wrote her post, and argued that she and the kids had lived at his place as recently as July.

Cursory searches of Grimes' tweets that use the keywords "Austin" and "Texas" don't provide much in the way of sussing out her housing timeline. As BI points out, Boucher did post in May about an affordable housing campaign in the state, though a few months later — and notably after she first filed for custody of her kids — the singer clarified that she's "back in Cali."

Considering the break-up to-make-up relationship style between these two, there's no reason to believe Grimes didn't simply move back and forth between Texas and California depending on where things stood between her and her kids' father.

But considering the evidence, it's still unclear whether Musk will have to abide by California's much stricter child support rules — or if he'll be let off the hook, something that could arguably come to his own children's demise.

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