"Beauty and the Beast."

Instagram Official

Musician Claire "Grimes" Boucher went Instagram official with a new beau — the person was untagged, but they appear to be DJ Matteo "Anyma" Milleri — over the weekend. T-minus how many days until her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk, with whom Boucher is locked in a contentious custody battle over their three children, makes like a SpaceX Starship rocket and simply explodes?

"Beauty and the Beast," Grimes captioned the series of loved-up photos with Milleri, shared to Instagram on Saturday.

Tumultuous History

As a quick refresher, Boucher and the SpaceX and Tesla CEO first went public with their tumultuous relationship back in 2018. The pair dated on and off until March 2022, when Boucher announced their last known breakup in an X-formerly-Twitter thread. Shortly after Boucher confirmed the split, it was revealed that she and famed military leaker Chelsea Manning were dating. Days later, Musk shared a transphobic meme that many interpreted as a dig at Manning, who's openly trans.

Boucher and Manning broke up that summer. But while Boucher maintained that she and Musk were amicable co-parents throughout 2022 and most of 2023, things took a turn in September when the EDM artist publicly pleaded for the SpaceX leader to "let me see my son." Court papers from the pair's ensuing and ongoing custody battle revealed that Musk, currently the world's second-richest and arguably most divorced man, ducked custody papers a dozen times.

In sum, Musk hasn't appeared to take well to news of Boucher dating other people in the past. And as it stands, the former couple doesn't appear to be on good terms. (And though Musk and Boucher were never married, a recent X post from the SpaceX CEO musing that "'super rich ex-wives who hate their former spouse' should filed [sic] be listed among 'Reasons that Western Civilization died'" sure seems to say a lot about how he generally feels about his and other extremely rich dudes' exes.)

EDM Romance

Details of Boucher and Milleri's relationship are still sparse, but it appears the two met where so many other singles do: the workplace.

Milleri was featured on Boucher's single "Welcome to the Opera," which was released last June, the same month that Milleri would finalize his divorce from Italian supermodel Vittoria Ceretti (who has since been spotted jetsetting with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.) Boucher and Milleri have performed their song onstage together as recently as January. The same month, Boucher took to Instagram to tell followers she was "excited to get back to work," tagging Milleri in the post.

Here's to the happy new couple headlining many more music festivals to come. As for Musk? Let's hope he stays offline for this one.

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