Brace for drama.

Players of Games

Maybe it seems small-minded to speculate about the messy love life of tech billionaire Elon Musk, but the twists and turns of his on-and-off again relationship with his former girlfriend and acclaimed musician Claire "Grimes" Boucher have influenced media coverage and online opinions on his business acumen — and even drawn scrutiny from the federal government in the past.

So color us curious after we noticed Musk and Boucher seemingly flirting with each other earlier this week on the social media platform X-formerly-Twitter — also the site of their original online meet cute — even after a highly publicized custody battle over their three kids.

On Wednesday, Grimes posted a snippet of footage from the video game Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty where a digital character modeled on herself performs and sings.

"Did anyone catch my character's performance in cyberpunk?" she wrote.

"Cool concept for an irl performance," Musk replied, with Grimes responding back, "True — could be sick with projection mapping."

The exchange sent many tongues wagging on social media.

"she's not gonna notice you bro," one snarky user wrote under the conversation.

"Elon loves you," another advised.

Tea Leaves

We don't know what the exchange means, but reading the tea loves, here's to hoping it's a signal the two have reached a fair and mutually agreeable custody arrangement for their three young kids.

Before this week's subtle flirty exchange, Grimes was sending out distressing X posts about the custody situation, accusing Musk of keeping their kids away from her. (Remember, Musk has at least eight other children with his ex-wife and an executive at Neuralink, a brain implant company he founded.)

As for the duo getting back together, that looks doubtful, with Grimes cozying up with new boyfriend DJ Matteo "Anyma" Milleri on Instagram.

As for Musk, it's very unclear who he is dating right now, though shareholders probably hope he's moved on from his messy custody drama with Grime and is instead laser focused on his other baby, Tesla, whose stock has slid quite a bit this year.

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