He also said his SNL episode was “cringe.”

Harsh Words

In a series of now deleted tweets, the co-creator of everyone’s favorite meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin called Elon Musk "a self-absorbed grifter" and said his "Saturday Night Live" debut was "cringe." 

Jackson Palmer, the Dogecoin co-creator, posted the tweets criticizing the Tesla CEO on Thursday, according to Insider. He leveled the harsh words a day after Musk announced that Tesla would no longer be accepting bitcoin as payment

"Reminder: Elon Musk is and always will be a self-absorbed grifter," Palmer said in his tweet.

He later posted that Musk's "SNL episode was cringe, bro." 

Palmer later deleted the tweets.

Rare Statement

Palmer’s posts were something of an anomaly from the relatively reserved cryptocurrency founder. In fact, he states on his website that his Twitter account is "currently parked." As of reporting, the account has no tweets posted.

Palmer founded Dogecoin along with software engineer Billy Markus in 2013 when they created the cryptocurrency as a joke.

 "Additionally, I have not been involved with the Dogecoin project or the cryptocurrency space in many years," Palmer said on his website. "I do not have any thoughts to share on these topics."

Well, now he could probably add "except that Elon Musk is a grifter" to that last sentence. 

Tough Crowd

It's been a relatively tough week for Musk. Not only was his SNL appearance widely panned, but he lost roughly $20 billion since hosting the sketch show. 

He also drew the ire of bitcoin fans after he announced that Tesla would no longer be using the crypto as payment. 

Though Musk has yet to respond to these comments, we can imagine that it’s a bit of a double-edged sword for him. On the one hand, he hates criticism and has lashed out because of it before (see "pedo guy" comment). But he also knows the power publicity — even if that publicity is a broadside attack from the creator of his favorite cryptocurrency. 

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