With a ticket fluttering under its single gigantic windshield wiper.

RC Cola

The first Cybertrucks are scheduled to finally get delivered to buyers this week — and just on time for the certain drama, one's been spotted getting towed in San Francisco.

As images shared to Reddit and the site formerly known as Twitter show, an apparent test version of Tesla's futuristic-looking pickup was spotted being dragged by a tow truck in the city by the bay. As eagle-eyed watchers pointed out, it appeared to have a parking ticket underneath its single giant windshield wiper.

The "RC" decal indicates that the car was a "release candidate," a jargony term for an earlier prototype for testing purposes. Zooming into the photos, you can just see the words "RC_Build Engineering Prototype" written in the line above the large letters.

Big Boy

Perhaps the funniest and most interesting takeaway, besides the parking ticket seen fluttering in the wind as the prototype was towed in one bystander video, was that at a purported 18.6 feet, this gigantic geometric vehicle is visibly larger than the standard pickup seen towing it.

"That thing is not finding parking in most of the city," one user on the r/SanFrancisco subreddit joked, with another pointing out that the Cybertruck is, if leaked specs are to be believed, roughly the length of a giraffe.

Still, Electrek pointed out earlier this month that the 18-and-a-half feet in the leaked specs is still "significantly shorter than many trucks on the road." Nevertheless, this giant hunk of metal still has a good 24 inches on Tesla's Model X, which is 199.1 inches in length compared to the Cybertruck's alleged 223.2.

Whether it's the same humongous "RC" Cybertruck seen earlier this year or a different one, it's clear that these things are out on the streets for good — and as they keep being spotted, so too will we keep seeing them get into goofy situations.

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