"I was expecting to be landed on the Moon not the farthest star in universe."

Going Haywire

Cryptocurrency prices went completely haywire on several crypto exchanges on Tuesday, spiking to ludicrous new heights. The price of Bitcoin briefly hit $789 billion on the exchange, for example, a hilarious error that led to several investors attempting to get away with billions, Benzinga reports.

Mainstream exchanges Coinbase and CoinMarketCap were affected by the mysterious glitch.

"Coinbase you're drunk," one Twitter user joked.

The mishap doesn't exactly come as a surprise. The crypto world is no stranger to technical issues plaguing exchanges. Especially when prices spike, we've seen several platforms go down, leaving investors in the dark — and missing out.

Display Issues

The hiccup later turned out to be a "display issue" rather than a hack.

"We're aware some customers are seeing inflated values for non-tradable crypto assets on coinbase.com and Coinbase Wallet," the exchange wrote in a statement. "This is a display issue only and does not impact trading."

"Apologies for any confusion — we're still investigating asset price and trade difficulties on Coinbase Wallet," a follow-up tweet reads.

Users took the hilarious glitch in strides.

"I was expecting to be landed on the Moon not the farthest star in universe," another user chimed in, with a screenshot showing their portfolio being worth over $228 million.

Dogecoin creator Billy Markus had an equally hilarious run-in.

"Ahhh, being an unrealized quadrillionaire is nice, but I think it might raise my tax bracket a bit," he quipped.

It's not the most confidence inducing incident to see crucial data go haywire. Disruptions like this could also end up leading to mass buy offs, making an already volatile asset even more unpredictable.

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