Well, unless dead people can still tweet.

Tweets from the Grave

Reports of the SpaceX founder's death have been greatly exaggerated. 

Elon Musk took to Twitter Friday evening to let the world know he was still alive — contradicting efforts by trolls to convince the world otherwise. The tweet showcased his trademark level-headed thoughtfulness and sincerity, offering compelling insight into the world and the human condition at large.

Just kidding. It was just an emoji followed by a lighthearted post about Dogecoin. 

"Elon Musk is Dead"

The Tesla founder's tweet came after a day of trending "news" on Friday that he had died. The effort was part of a concerted campaign by Internet trolls who flooded Twitter with the hashtag "#RIPElon."

Trolls also crafted fake news reports with headlines like "Elon Musk is dead — what this means for the stock market, and why this is good for the average American."

Musk seemed to take it all in stride though, even responding to someone wondering who "hacked" his account to tweet since he was supposed to be dead. 

$100 Billion Dip

All this comes on the heels of Tesla dropping in valuation to the tune of $100 billion after billionaire Ron Baron sold $1.8 million worth of shares in the electric car company, according to Electrek. Most investors aren’t overly concerned, though, as the company is still slated to be worth more than a trillion dollars by the year's end. 

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this is how unsurprising it is. In a week where he watched one of his ships explode, praised a rival car company, watched his company lose more than $100 billion in value, and now had to deal with news of his very own demise, it was somehow relatively typical by Elon standards. 

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