A Starship explosion has never looked this good.

Big Boom

SpaceX's Starship SN10 prototype experienced a bit of an oopsie after managing to land.

The tower of stainless steel decided to give up the ghost several minutes after touchdown on Wednesday, going up in a massive plume of flames — just like its two predecessors SN8 and SN9.

"RIP SN10, honorable discharge," Musk tweeted after the event.

Slow Mo

Courtesy of space launch photography YouTube account Cosmic Perspective, we can relive the event in incredible slow motion, including the sounds of a cheering crowd near the launch pad.

The rocket can be seen popping like an over-carbonated soda can, erupting into a gigantic fireball. Moments later, pieces of what's left of the rocket can be seen careening back to the surface below, landing with a satisfying thud.

The footage is detailed enough to show individual pieces of steel being flung in every direction.

It won't be long until we see the next full-scale Starship prototype fly. The next prototype, called SN11, is "ready to roll out to the pad in the very near future," said John Insprucker, who was hosting Wednesday's live stream, as quoted by SpaceNews.

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