"So go green and get green. See what I'm saying?"

Filthy Rich

Why should anybody care about climate change?

Well, childhood hero and TV presenter Bill Nye has an extremely simple answer. In an advertisement for Google Chromebooks, Bill Nye argues that investing in green energy will make you "filthy $@!% rich."

"Can you imagine how much sweet, sweet cabbage you'll be piling up if you could invent a cleaner energy source or help develop carbon capture technology?" Nye asks in the clip. To put it even more bluntly, Nye argues that such a discovery could earn you "stacks plus stacks equals more stacks."

Potty Mouth

It's not the first time we've encountered Nye's potty mouth. Nye dropped a whole bunch of f-bombs in May during his appearance on HBO's "Last Week Tonight" while discussing the severity of climate change.

"So go green and get green. See what I'm saying?" he adds in the Chromebook video, getting dangerously close to doing another mic drop. "And turn off the damn lights."

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