Plant-based meat substitutes are taking over the breakfast world.

Fakin' the Bacon

Plant-based meat substitute company Beyond Meat has a new faux-meat product on the horizon: bacon.

Arguably the king of animal product-based breakfast foods, fake bacon could eventually make its way into staple breakfast menu items such as breakfast sandwiches. While industry sources told Bloomberg that a recipe for plant-based bacon is in the works, the company has yet to announce when its fake bacon will roll out.

Second Breakfast

The news comes after Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons started serving Beyond Meat's sausages on breakfast sandwiches in thousands of its stores. A partnership with Dunkin' was also announced on Wednesday.

The industry for fake meat products is starting to heat up in earnest. Beyond Meat's stock soared by more than 550 percent in June, according to Business Insiderand is looking healthier than ever today.

Beyond Impossible

But Beyond Meat isn't the only player in the game. The company's biggest competitor, California-based Impossible Foods, recently announced it's working on a recipe for plant-based imitation fish meat. Fast food chain Burger King recently released the Impossible Whopper as well, a fake meat burger using Impossible Foods' flagship plant-based burger patty.

Beyond Meat has a major challenge ahead of it: rather than replicating the fairly homogenous texture of ground up beef or sausage filling, bacon needs to capture a distinctive crunch and cooking pattern.

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