Go big or Amazon Go home.

Amazon Went

Amazon just opened its latest Go store in New York City — the newest of its pioneering "cashierless" stores, in which customers can walk in, grab items leave, while being constantly monitored by a host of cameras and sensors that automatically charge them for the goods.

But according to Business Insider, this store features an employee who can accept cash at a small, barely noticeable counter using an Apple Store-like handheld scanner — which sounds an awful lot like a cashier.

Cash, Card, or Face Scan?

The retail giant officially opened its first Go store opened in January 2018 outside Seattle. Today's opening marks the company's 12th Go store, and the first in New York. It's also the first to accept cash, rather than just Amazon accounts tied to credit cards.

"Adding more payment methods enables more customers to shop in the store," Cameron Janes, Amazon's vice president for physical stores, told Business Insider. "And that's great for customers and great for us."

No Cash

There's been a push to have all stores accept cash payments. States including Massachusetts, Philadelphia, and New Jersey all require stores to accept cash, according to Business Insider.

New Jersey passed legislation with overwhelming support, banning cashless stores in February and major cities including New York City and San Francisco might soon follow suit.

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