The company has yet to apologize to its workers.

Sorry Not Sorry

Amazon has issued a rare public apology related to its whole creating-a-harmful-and-oppressive-work-environment-that-forces-employees-to-urinate-in-bottles problem — but it wasn’t aimed at its workers.

After the tech company was caught lying to Rep. Mark Pocan and denying that Amazon workers don’t pee in bottles because of how oppressive working conditions are, they admitted that they weren’t "accurate" about their claims, according to The Verge

"This was an own-goal, we’re unhappy about it, and we owe an apology to Representative Pocan," the statement posted on the Amazon blog read. It then went on to explain that they did not take into account their drivers who have been known to urinate in water bottles, while also continuing to lie about how employees at their fulfillment centers haven’t had that experience. 

You can check out the full apology on the Amazon blog

Piss-Poor PR 

The statement was released on Friday April 2 — more than a week after it posted this tweet in reply to a tweet from Pocan criticizing the company’s abusive management tactics. 

The tweet was quickly ratio’d to hell and inundated with replies asserting that Amazon’s employees were, in fact, peeing in water bottles due to bad work conditions.

Delete Your Account

Amazon is actually having a bit of a moment when it comes to Twitter spats defending their onerous management practices as well as decrying union organizing efforts. They’ve even taken to social media to pick fights with the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren who have been largely critical of the company.

In a few instances, sock puppet Twitter accounts have appeared posting anti-union tweets under the guise of being Amazon employees. Among them included an account whose profile picture was actually one of the guys from Dude Perfect. 

This is a part of a trend that’s been occurring for a few years now of bizarrely-obvious fake Twitter accounts championing Amazon. For a multi-billion dollar company, they sure do have some of the crappiest social media strategies (and also workplace practices). 

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