Now first class passengers won't even have to look at the economy class proles.

Peasant Blockers

In the near future, first class airline passengers won't even need to look at the poor proles in economy class as they file by during boarding.

British Airways is testing a range of new virtual reality entertainment features for select first class flights between London Heathrow and JFK in New York, The Verge reports.

Passengers will be able to choose between a catalogue of 2D, 3D, and 360-degree movies, documentaries, and shows.

Sky Light

But what if you want to nap in the middle of "Snakes on a Plane?" British Airways has you covered.

"The headsets from VR eyewear specialists, SkyLights, allow customers to fully immerse themselves in 3D view regardless of the position they are sat in," reads a press release. "The experience even works when they are lying fully flat."

Afraid and Nauseous

The trial also includes a special "range of therapeutic programmes, including guided meditation and sound therapy, specifically designed for customers who have a fear of flying," according to the release.

Other airlines, including Qantas and JetBlue, have tested out VR entertainment on some flights in the past. But the idea has yet to be cemented into a regular feature.

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