Tesla Changes One Word in Its Mission Statement and It Already Says a Lot

Environmental responsibility always has, and always will be a priority, it seems.

7. 15. 16 by Cecille De Jesus
Annie Leibovitz, Vogue
Image by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue

One-Word Mission Switch

Earlier this week, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, tweeted that he is contemplating what’s next for Tesla now that they have pretty much covered everything they outlined in their 2006 “secret” masterplan—which is accessible to the public online.

And while people wait for the official announcement of the new master plan, business news site Bloomberg pointed out a one-word revision to Tesla’s mission statement: “sustainable transport” has been changed to “sustainable energy.”


It’s actually not surprising that this would be Tesla’s next direction, especially considering the fact that Tesla is bidding to acquire solar power system company SolarCity despite the looming merger not garnering a positive initial response from the market.

At the end of last month, Bloomberg reported that Tesla’s bid to merge with SolarCity is actually far bigger than “just business.”


Not Ditching Earth

“Tesla Motors Inc.’s bid to buy the biggest U.S. rooftop solar installer has little to do with selling cars. Rather, it’s about solving two of the biggest problems standing in the way of the next solar boom. And perhaps a good deal more,” Bloomberg reporter Tom Randall wrote in an article last month.

Randall also notes that Tesla is not just a car company looking to randomly expand into another business venture. “It’s also a battery company that wants to link its two biggest markets: energy supply (solar) with energy demand (electric cars),” Randall adds.

Although Musk is looking to announce a new master plan, based on Tesla’s recent moves, it seems the original master plan will still largely resonate within the new one—and a great deal of that original master plan revolved around environmental responsibility.

Despite Musk’s ambitions in space with SpaceX, it seems he’s got Tesla for taking care of things down here here on Earth. Perhaps the plan to colonize Mars does not mean abandoning Earth at all.


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