Want to live forever? Well, you can't. At least not yet.

Whether the secret to anti-aging lies in a gene mutation, or a controversial young-blood treatment, scientists are working hard to find routes to extend the human lifespan. Aubrey de Grey, a pioneer of anti-aging research, believes the first person who will  live to be 1,000 years old has already been born – and that experts will have found a way to perfect anti-aging treatments within the next 20 years. However, the funding we need to reach that goal just isn't in place yet.

Of course, while we wait for *the* big discovery (or the big donation) we're not getting any younger. 

That's where stem cell banking comes in.

Stem cells play a crucial role in your health by replenishing and supporting vital parts of the body including the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and bone tissue. But as you age, your stem cells decline in both number and strength. Some research suggests that this decrease in stem cells may actually play a role in triggering the body's age-related decline.

Enter: Forever Labs. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company uses patented, cutting-edge technology to harvest, grow, and cryogenically store your younger stems cells so that they can be used for advanced medical treatments in the future.

Forever Labs founder and CEO Steven Clausnitzer​ describes the process as "banking yourself," or a form of "stem cell time travel." As the following video explains, various studies have already shown the enormous potential of using stem cells to slow the aging process and aid in the fight against age-related disease.

Of course, this pioneering stem-cell research is in its early stages, so there is still a long way to go. And as with most things in life, there is no guarantee that everything will go as planned. And to be clear, no one at Forever Labs is claiming otherwise. But as the company's Chief Science Officer Mark Katakowski explained in a recent interview, given the remarkable level of promise we've already seen, the potential reward is certainly worth the risk.

“There’s a lot of potential here," Katakowski said. "There’s not much downside to banking your own biology."

Interested in banking your biology? 

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