In the realm of video gaming, Starbreeze is a name that does not frequently come up-- unless you've played PAYDAY 2. Nonetheless, the company is stepping up their game by moving into virtual reality platforms--they even got Acer to join them in their quest.

A press release reports that the two companies are forming a joint venture for the development of the platform, the StarVR.


Starbreeze's virtual reality platform system, the StarVR. Credit: StarVR

The StarVR is being developed for larger environments-- such as parks and arcades-- versus the popular Oculus Rift and HTC Vive's living room scale. As such, this headset will boast a 210° field-of-vision, which will allow wearers to make use of their peripheral vision.

So where does Acer fit in all this? Hardware.

Acer will be in charge of building the computers capable of handling the virtual reality platform to be set up in those bigger spaces. This partnership might just actually lead Starbreeze's StarCade initiative (a VR center for premium VR experiences) to materialize soon.

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