The Vive X Program

Startups looking to develop virtual reality (VR) technology using the HTC Vive could be getting support from HTC itself. The company just announced a $100 million accelerator program called Vive X.

The program will launch in San Francisco and Beijing for a start, with HTC looking to expand the program to many more cities.

The Vive X program is designed to offer startups mentorship and help them secure investment opportunities while providing access to VR technology. HTC would even go so far as to give companies temporary office spaces and host demo days for investors. The pilot program is set to begin in Beijing in May of this year.

A woman tries out the HTC Vive, the next big thing in virtual reality technology. Credit: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

While HTC has been clear that it is not the only company backing this program, the company is declining to list its other investors. HTC says that their goal is to “support a healthy and vibrant ecosystem for the Vive.”

Any companies that get into the Vive X program will receive anywhere between $50,000 and $200,000, while HTC gets what they are calling “a small amount” of equity.

Taking VR Seriously

The Vive X program is a clear sign that HTC is taking VR and its own future in it very seriously. While the Vive VR headset is still considered an early adopter’s project, it is the biggest thing that HTC has done in years.

The company has been turning most of its resources toward VR, and so far it’s doing great. The HTC Vive is currently the only VR headset available that comes with motion trackers, and its partnership with Steam helps establish the company as the big VR gaming platform of the future.

The Vive X program also sees HTC getting into the huge Chinese market, planting the seeds for what could be their biggest VR market.

Interested companies can apply now.

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