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Experience What Virtual Reality Has to Offer: Oculus Hits Stores This Week

The Rift is available in Best Buy stores this week, and they're offering more in-store demos.

Finally, after months of anticipation, Oculus’ immersive VR offering, Rift, is hitting store shelves on May 7th—specifically, it will be in 48 Best Buy stores.

However, take note: Since the company is still trying to catch up with pre-orders, only a limited number of Rifts will be available for purchase. The device will also be available online from Microsoft and Amazon beginning May 6 at 9am (PST).

For anyone seeking a demonstration, Oculus is also working on expanding their retail, in-store demos where they can enjoy VR vignettes with Oculus Dreamdeck, experience virtual rock climbing with The Climb, or explore an alien world in Farlands.

You can visit Oculus Live to find the nearest location offering a demo and schedule it in advance, which means it could be likely that you might to get in line as well for this one.

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