Pokemon Go, apart from being the smash hit app of the year, is showing the world a glimpse of the possibilities of augmented reality. An AR game itself, many have been porting the game to various AR devices such as HoloLens.

Another company is doing just that. Recon has ported Pokemon Go into its low-cost AR glasses, Jet.

Jet is an Android-based smart glass released by Recon last year. The company was able to show the port at Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco. With GPS, WiFi and a fully baked operating system already being a standard part of Jet, making a standalone app for the device was rather simple.

Playing it will be another matter though—Jet currently has no LTE support and constant Internet connectivity is a must for Pokemon Go players. Thankfully, a mobile phone acting as a hotspot is a convenient fix.

This version of the game is also riddle with bugs and crashes, proving that we are still a long way from a truly hands-off Pokemon experience.

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