After a long period of speculation and even cynicism, it looks like we're finally going to find out what Magic Leap's mixed-reality headset will really be about. The last we head about them was when CEO Rony Abovitz revealed this groundbreaking addition to augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology.

Credits: Magic Leap

Most recently, the secretive company posted a job listing on Glassdoor, looking for a Field Engineer. There isn't much detail about the requirements, and the job description itself is still rather vague. See for yourself:

"This position involves collecting data with Magic Leap devices in real world locations. Work will entail setting up and using high precision equipment to capture both environments and user behavior in home settings. Applicants will be based at Magic Leap Headquarters in Plantation, and drive with equipment to nearby locations for data collection.

A successful applicant will be comfortable working with complex hardware and software, be able to debug common problems, and meticulous with logging of collection data so that all collected data is usable. Some experience working with Linux command line tools is a plus."

In any case, the moment of magic is closer than ever. So, if you want to be in on the secret of Magic Leap, you might want to try your luck as a field engineer — provided you're qualified, of course.

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