Pokemon GO is on track to be the biggest smash hit of the year. But it is currently confined to mobile devices, even in an era where dedicated augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices are becoming more commonplace.

But this VR company is giving us a sneak peek at the game in mixed reality. Capitola VR, a virtual reality development studio based in Amsterdam, has been able to put Pokemon GO into Microsoft's HoloLens, creating this gem of a video:

That video was posted on Twitter by David Robustelli, ‘Head of Digital’ for Capitola VR. Instead of flittering at a phone screen, users use real-life gestures to carry out actions. In the video, for example, a simple tap of the finger tosses a Pokeball. We also see the Pokemon interacting with their environment, like climbing up a leg.

While the video looks pretty darn cool, don't hold your breath: HoloLens is still not a standalone unit, and the game remains confined to mobile.

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