3D printing has made it possible to print out a new house, a steak, a nuclear reactor, you name it. So, it stands to reason that this technology can create the intricate toys we could only dream of when we were children.

Toybox is dedicated to getting kids in on the fun — while building an interest in STEM — with its tabletop 3D printer serving as an infinite toy chest while teaching kids about engineering, materials, and art. And even better, right now, it's just $314.99, 32% off.

A Bottomless Toy Chest

Toybox is made to be kid-friendly, starting with the design. It's built to fit anywhere from kitchen tables to inside rooms, It's totally safe for kids to handle, with an LCD touchscreen that makes using it a snap. And it connects over Wi-Fi, making it easy to use any handy device to print.

Using different plastic filaments, which are non-toxic and biodegradable, all kids need to do is use an Android or iOS device to scroll through the ever-growing toy library, pick a design, and press print. The open-sided design lets them watch as the parts are printed out, and then they can assemble their own toys, make gifts for grandparents, and much more. It makes it easy to understand the concepts behind 3D printing.

As they get more engaged, though, Toybox has tools that let them experiment and design their own models. There are apps and tools galore for kids to begin experimenting with different designs and more complex approaches. And, as they grow out of that, they can begin uploading other models, as the Toybox is fully compatible with STL, OBJ, and g-code files.

Building game pieces, constructing better dioramas for school projects, or just experimenting to see what you can print, the Toybox is a great way to get kids interested in STEM. And at $314.99, 32% off the MSRP, it's a lot cheaper than yet another visit to the toy aisle.

Prices subject to change.

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