Try as they might, there are some experiences e-commerce giants can't improve on. Even the cashier-less stores turn out to have cashiers, after all. There's one retail experience in particular, wholesale, that lends itself to brick and mortar, and right now, you can join Sam's Club for 50% off now, and get a chicken and cupcakes on top of your savings.

Sam's Club is a membership warehouse club under the Wal-Mart umbrella, which is its key advantage. Since the parent company has a huge supply chain and is able to buy products at a scale most of us can't imagine, it gets a volume discount. In turn, customers shopping at the club are able to take advantage of the scale, either by buying in bulk, or in the case of products like electronics, taking advantage of the wholesale price to save on more expensive items. For many warehouse customers, they often save the price of their membership just on the discounts for items they go through every week.

In addition, all members get access to Instant Savings, which trim dollars off the already low warehouse price; access to the Sam's Club Mastercard; and at some locations, you can even get savings on gas. With 597 locations nationwide, it's easy to get to, but if you can't make it, or simply have too much to haul in one trip, you can order online and have it delivered. Especially for busy families that need to keep supplies and food at the ready, it makes life simpler.

And, right now, you can even get a square meal with your membership. When you buy a rotisserie chicken and a set of gourmet cupcakes, the cost is automatically taken off your order as a new customer. Normally, a year-long membership at Sam's Club (rated 5/5 stars by over 600 verified purchasers) would cost $57, but right now, you can sign up for just $20, saving on an already low price with a deal that you cannot find on Amazon.

Prices subject to change.

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