Automation and robotics are changing how food is grown, prepared, and eaten. As indoor growing advances, cities are becoming farms, ensuring fresh vegetables year-round while offering new flavors. The EVE brings those advances into the home with a simple hydroponic garden that grows food for you.

Grown At The Table

Hydroponics work by continuously bathing the roots of plants in a nutrient-rich solution. This uses substantially less water than traditional agriculture; in fact, the EVE only needs water every 3 weeks. Calibrated LED grow lights are carefully timed to give plants the energy they need, so even new gardeners can start growing food right away.

All you need to do is add the seed pods, fill the reservoir as needed, and the plants will do the rest. Pick individual plants to grow, with up to 12, or choose from a variety of seed pods including the Cocktail Mix, Herbalicious Chef, Refined Herb Mix, and the Classic Caprese.

A Convenient Garden

At 57" tall by 8.25" long and 18.5" wide, the EVE fits anywhere and only needs a traditional 3-prong electrical outlet to function. At 35 pounds, it's also easy to move when you need it elsewhere. And since the system is self-contained, you won't need to worry about sunlight, only space.

It also blends well with any decor, with a white cabinet, mahogany base, and chrome legs. The EVE ships fully assembled, with only the legs needing to be attached with an included Allen key, and a wall anchor if needed.

Whether you want an herb garden in your kitchen or something beyond a houseplant to brighten up the office, the EVE will brighten your home while feeding your table.

Get The EVE for $599.99 (reg. $699.99) and EVE Seed Pods for $34.99 (reg. $38) each.

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