The pandemic has made getting a perfect craft cocktail a true labor of love. Either you have to get in the car to pick up a premade drink that isn't designed for travel, or worse, you'll have to make them yourself. Between have to choose between ending up with a watered-down drink or having your kitchen look like an abomination, you're going to end up just drinking a vodka soda. But instead of giving up the dream, start drinking the perfect craft cocktails at home with DRNXMYTH.



DRNXMYTH drinks exist thanks to a passion for the craft of mixology. That's because the DRNXMYTH team knows the key to creating perfect craft cocktails is fresh ingredients. They developed a unique patent-pending technology and manufacturing approach that yields the freshest bottled cocktails the world has ever seen. These truly fresh ingredients stay fresh thanks to a cutting-edge technology that keeps top-shelf spirits and never heated fresh ingredients from mixing until you're ready to drink. That way each DRNXMYTH cocktail is made fresh whenever you decide it's happy hour.

How It's Made


The entire DRNXMYTH process is designed to result in the freshest tasting craft cocktail you can get in a bottle, and it all starts with fresh ingredients harvested from across California which are batched and mixed the same day. To ensure maximum freshness in every drink, they never heat these ingredients and never use artificial ingredients. Next, they fill the bottom chamber of each bottle with the fresh fruit juice mix. The mixology approach requires that the fresh ingredients remain separate from the spirits until the moment of consumption.

Part of what makes DRNXMYTH revolutionary are the bottles. Each of their bottles has two chambers. The bottom chamber contains all of the fresh ingredients. It gets filled and capped, then cold pressurized at 85,000 pounds per square inch. This pressure inactivates microbes and allows for five months of refrigerated shelf life. After the fresh juice is batched and filled and pressurized, the tops get pressed on via pneumatic press and off they go to the liquor filling line.

Once the stops are assembled, they fill the remainder of the bottle with 2.7 ounces of spirits made by regional and local artisan distillers.  The final part of the process includes taking the finished drinks and storing them in our HAACP certified facility at 41 degrees. From manufacturing to storage and delivery to you, the cocktails stay fresh and chilled.

The Full Bar


The Full Bar is DRNXMYTH's ready-to-drink cocktail drink set. It's the perfect chance to try 10 of their most popular award-winning fresh craft cocktails. This includes the Maple Apple Toddy, Bourbon Sour, Strawberry Mojito, Classic Margarita, Apricot Rye Smash, Ginger Drop, Peach Inferno, Tequila Sunrise, Eastside, and Rum Punch.  All you have to do is add them to your cart and check out, and DRNXMYTH will deliver them cold to your door.

So if you want the perfect craft cocktail without even having to leave your home, start with DRNXMYTH's The Full Bar. You'll won't believe it's a pre-made drink.

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