We're all trying to figure out how to waste less, whether it's buying less packaging or turning trash into fuel. And if you host events, professionally or otherwise, you know that drinks, and the plastic cups they're consumed in, are a major driver of waste and trash. The New Draft Top® 3.0: Easy Can Opener is a game-changer that turns each can into its own cup and cuts down waste, and now you can save an extra 20% on it when you act fast.

Pop The Top

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, this can opener serves two functions for when you're preparing drinks. First, a squeeze of the pressure-regulated handle cuts away the top of the can smoothly and easily, so you can pull it away. That turns the can into a drinking vessel and when the drink is done, it's easier to clean.

Secondly, it also smooths the rim of the can. This prevents injury, especially for those who may struggle with pop tops. It also sets the stage for some drink wizardry.

Easy Cocktails

The smooth rim removes burrs and sharp edges, yes, but it also makes it easy to turn a canned drink into a cocktail. Once you remove the top, all you need to do is add your preferred liquor, put a garnish on the edge, stir, and serve.

In particular, a do-it-yourself cocktail bar is a snap. Just include a Draft Top, a selection of canned drinks, nips of all the alcohol you want to serve, and some pre-sliced garnishes, and let your guests' imagination run wild. You can focus on the other aspects of your party, and turn the social libations into a party game in of itself. This also makes it easier for your guests to track how much they've had without having to remember if that last drink was a heavy pour.

Get the New Draft Top® 3.0: Easy Can Opener for $15.99 (reg. $29) with coupon CMSAVE20 for a limited time!

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