We've all seen the smartwatches that project content outside the area of the tiny watch screen, transforming into little HD projectors. But some think watches could be far more than just projectors. There are some who've dreamed of projecting keyboards and menus via smartwatches. But are there any serious players who are working on this new era of watches? Anyone who is trying to uncover ways to push the boundaries farther and use watches to augment our existence?

As a matter of fact, yes.


Samsung has just filed a patent for a smartwatch that would project a wearable's interface onto everything from your hand to the wall.

Using sensors, it will detect the taps and swipes you do on the surface, and it could even detect hand geometry to adapt the interface. Closed fist? You get the basic menu. Open palm? You get more buttons.

The patent also shows integration with head-mounted displays, like a virtual reality headset.

But a word of warning: Samsung has only filed a patent, not announced a product. It might be a long time before this tech is developed or launched.

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