The world of smart home appliances is a cutthroat field, so when your competitor launches a new product, the only logical thing for you to do is launch one just like it—but upped to eleven.

That is exactly what LG did. Samsung revealed the Samsung Family Hub, a smart fridge with a 21.5-inch display powered by Tizen during a CES press conference. Now, LG announced the LG Smart InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator. It's basically the Family Hub, and then some.

The Verge

For starters, it has a 29-inch semi-transparent touchscreen. It runs on Intel's USB-connected computer sticks, essentially making the fridge a Windows 10 tablet. Yes, that means you can have MS Paint or regedit on your refrigerator.

More importantly, Windows 10's voice-activated assistant, Cortana, can be used with the touch screen display. And more than that, the touchscreen can become semi-transparent, allowing one to see the food inside. Icons that work like post-it notes can be placed over the touchscreen.

Anybody who wants one will have to wait: LG is yet to reveal release dates or prices.

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