While Samsung has been dabbling in so many different lines of research, its main attraction is still its smartphones and tablets. Introducing new features to these gadgets is always the name of the game, even when the competition opts for removing something for their new device.

The Korean company's newest high profile launch, the Galaxy Note 7, is touting a new feature, an iris scanner, integrated not only into phone security, but also web browsing and app security.

In an event in New York, Samsung showcased the new phablet with the new feature. The iris scanner is toggled much like any security feature: from Android's security settings. To unlock, just hold the device in front of your face and tap the display. Its as easy as taking a selfie.

Even more exciting, the scanner can be used with the web browser to log in to accounts. Note 7 also has a "Secure Folder", where apps and content could be placed so they will need iris scan to unlock.

While iris scan is no stranger to smartphones, Samsung's Note 7 is the most high profile device to carry the feature.

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