While we may most closely associate rings with weddings and Hobbits, a new wearable is looking to widen that scope significantly. The humans at Token have developed a "one ring to rule them all" approach to your wallet and computer security.

These biometric rings (available in a variety of metal finishes) store personal information, like credit cards and digital passwords, and can even unlock doors and start your car. Token has worked with some big companies to ensure their product is functional. The list of partners includes Visa and MasterCard for financial information, and Microsoft and Apple for the ring's password storing capabilities.

The device is secured by fingerprint, which is required to give the wearer access to the information stored on it. There is an optical sensor that recognizes when the ring has been taken off and the ring will lock; the fingerprint scan restores access to the data. The signal is always broadcasting (when worn and activated) so users do not have to worry about choosing which signal to send out. The ring uses NFC and Bluetooth signals.

The ring can be pre-ordered on the website for December delivery. As of publication, the ring is on sale for $249 - $299 depending on the finish. Peripherals to enable it to open doors and start your car are also available. Each costs $100 or can be bought in a bundle with the basic finish for $399.

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