Wind Farm And Powerpack

Energy supplier Deepwater Wind hopes to team up with Tesla to provide clean power to the state of Massachusetts during peak times. Bloomberg reports that the company has proposed the building of an offshore wind farm with a 144-megawatt capability and a 40-megawatt storage capacity thanks to Powerpack commercial storage batteries. The batteries would store power collected during high generation times and save it for heavy use hours. This is how other facilities with Tesla Powerpack batteries work, such as the Kauai energy storage installation that went online earlier in 2017.

Image Credit: Tesla

This proposal was submitted in response to a request, so Deepwater Wind still needs to compete with other companies for the contract. Whoever wins will be responsible for generating about 9.45 million megawatt-hours of clean energy annually. But this company has an edge: they've already successfully built and brought the first offshore wind farm in the US online — the Block Island Wind Farm Rhode Island installment.The proposed wind farm's 40-megawatt storage capacity is less than those of both the Kauai and the planned Australia facilities, but the offshore implementation of the Powerpack would prove additional versatility from Tesla, which is already making waves as an energy supplier. Tesla is ideally situated to work with companies fulfilling contracts like this, because they require that the highest levels of power be deliverable during the evenings and in the wintertime. As for Deepwater, it will continue to compete for contracts for offshore wind developers — part of a Massachusetts initiative to develop clean energy at an aggressive pace.

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